De MPowercup komt uit Zuid-Afrika en is in één maat verkrijgbaar. De cup is in 2008 uitgebracht met als motivatie dat de cups die geïmporteerd worden te duur en moeilijk verkrijgbaar voor Afrikaanse vrouwen zijn.

De producente verteld: "The MPower menstrual cup is a product that has been born out of passion and drive to support all women. It is affordable and accessible. I am currently working on contracts with municipalities, prison services and factories to get the MPower menstrual cup to those women who truly need to be empowered on a basic level.

The mainstream market needs to become educated and make informed choices about their health, their financial future and their environment that is being destroyed around them. This is for all women of the world to choose a healthy, abundant, responsible and empowered life for themselves and their children.

The storage bags are made by a community based project I set up, they actually started in my garage! I have material off cuts donated to me by a local home based business, they are cotton. The colours vary as it depends on the donation that week."

De cup is aan de kleine kant en het is de vraag of dit voor alle vrouwen groot genoeg is. De producente geeft aan aanvragen uit het buitenland te krijgen wil in de toekomst de MPowercup gaan exporteren.